• kody nielson Birthday Suite (CD, £11.50)

    label: flying nun

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Songwriting Collaborator and Drummer. Instrumental album celebrating Kodyís closest Birthdays. Forever twisting genre, technique and persona, Kody Nielson continues to be one of New Zealandís most vital musicians. Nielsonís groundbreaking production, songwriting and exhilarating live performance with art punk pioneers The Mint Chicks helped to secure the group fans worldwide and five New Zealand Music Awards for their 2007 gold-certified album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! Since the groupís disbanding in 2010, his solo project Silicon has been praised by the likes of Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, as well as winning the prestigious Taite Music Prize for the 2016 album Personal Computer. Alongside his work with Bic Runga and their group Opossom, Kody has been an integral collaborator in brother Rubanís project Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and is presently touring with UMO as drummer. Now, Nielson returns with Birthday Suite, notably the first full-length to be released under his own name. Released via Flying Nun Records this marks Kodyís own birthday; with each of the recordís 12 songs written for one of the artistís family and friendís birthday. Birthday Suiteís instrumental concept also sees each single on the album unveiled to coincide with the namesake's own birthday. Birthday Suite is an energetic, elaborate set of instrumental arrangements comprised of drums, bass guitar, strings, electric piano and synthesiser. A concise and challenging experimentation, Birthday Suite takes cues from everything from the baroque to Afrobeat, Jazz Fusion, Psychedelic Rock and offbeat explorational sounds while maintaining a commitment to classic songcraft and musicianship. First single Bicís Birthday sees baroque melodies skating with graceful aplomb over funky drum beats, calling to mind Wendy Carlos or CAN, while second single Rubanís Birthday is a short, sharp composition melding psychedelic string arrangements with swirling drums and organ. His constant ability to agitate and explore his own boundaries, has seen Nielson cement his position as one of the most urgent and interesting characters in New Zealandís music history. 1. Bicís Birthday 2. Jamesís Birthday 3. Rubanís Birthday 4. Darienís Birthday 5. Fridaís Birthday 6. Po Poís Birthday 7. Bubbaís Birthday 8. Azureís Birthday 9. Christopherís Birthday 10. Jo Joís Birthday 11. Cherhysís Birthday 12. Dee Deeís Birthday

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