• household Everything a River Should Be (LP, £19.95)

    label: Equal Vision

    Minnesota natives, Household, announce their signing to Equal Vision Records with second LP "Everything a River Should Be". Minneapolis has long been home to a punk/hardcore scene that marches to a beat all its own. Among the newest wave of bands keeping this spirit alive is five-piece melodic hardcore outfit HOUSEHOLD, who consistently create music impossible to ignore. While comparisons to Killing The Dream, Shai Hulud and Sinking Ships are often made, itís evident HOUSEHOLD are willing to defy convention and craft truly unique songs showcasing their singular sound. - (Sputnik Music). 1. Away 2. Itís Easy To Feel Rotten 3. Dark Matter 4. Donít Listen to Me 5. Misiziibi 6. Far From Me 7. Scared To Be 8. Dreamer 9. Shore Slipper 10. Safe World 11. Bloom

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