• confusion master Awaken (LP + CD, £17.50)

    label: exile on mainstream

    'Awaken' is Confusion Master's fist album: its main focus represents the band’s attitude: condensation and reduction to what is really important and, musically, creates a well-focused sound: existentialism and escapism – manifesting the personal horrors in tone drawing from these inspirations.  Confusion Master is a band – 4 guys, drawn from Punk and Metal circuits, sharing their love for sound, misanthropy, D.I.Y. values and vintage gear. The members have earned merits in underground stalwart hordes such as CYNESS, WOJCZECH, BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS and AEQUATORKAELTE – this alone should give you a hindsight towards the fact that we are not talking a bunch of greenhorns here but a band that has vision and attitude.  The album features a 40-minute long vinyl LP containing 4 tracks. The LP contains a CD version of these tracks and 3 more bonus songs.

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