• noisepicker Peace Off (LP + CD, £17.50)

    label: exile on mainstream

    After years of performing, and revelling in loud, hard-hitting music, UK-based singer and guitarist Harry Armstrong (End Of Level Boss, Lord Of Putrefaction, Decomposed, Hangail and The Earls Of Mars) has sought the darker side of his musical taste, channeling heavy blues in a new group called Noisepicker.  For their debut full-length, Peace Off, Noisepicker come across heavily influenced by their love of distorted heavy sounds, and blues music, as well as the spirit of the UK punk scene, in which Armstrong has been immersed in for years.  Peace Off is an album of heavy, gritty, gnarled and thrashing blues romp, which takes a myriad of sonic twists and turns throughout, making it one unpredictable listen - just like your favourites in a long and now unwritten story about this thing called Noise Rock.

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