• anne-james chaton & andy moor Tout Ce Que Je Sais (CD, £13.25)

    The duo Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor produce original works where poetry and guitar combine in explorations of thematic axes. Anne-James Chaton is a writer, poet and artist living in Paris. He explores the relations between spoken words & music, both in concert situation and on recordings. Andy Moor is a guitarist, well known for being a member of the Dutch group The Ex, and for his active career as an improvisor on the international scene of avant-garde instant music. With the project 'Heretics', of which 'Tout ce que je sais' (All I know) is the second part, they revive the most obscure, violent, erotic passions, summoning the great figures of their personal mythologies. In the company of Caravaggio, Marquis de Sade, William Burroughs and figures such as Jose Mujica, the duo immerses the listener in another world history peopled by radical thinkers. 'Heretics' pays homage to those heroes who have used transgression and excess as a necessary means for creation. In this new album, recorded live at the Carreau du Temple in Paris on the occasion of Périphérie du 35e Marché de la Poésie (2017), Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor deliver a radical work at the confines of literary and musical creation.

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