• cooper Tiempo, Temperatura, Agitación (numbered purple vinyl LP, £20.75)

    label: elefant

    Tiempo, Temperatura and Agitación are the three key parameters to keep in mind when you're dealing with traditional film developing in photography. The process requires an artisanal meticulousness with the use of these factors, and we imagine that fans of Álex Diez understand this perfectly. Because the three variables that give this new album its name (the fifth full-length with COOPER), reflect key aspects to his way of understanding music and the world: details, craftwork, passion and being careful with everything analogue and vintage. What does photography have to do with all this? Álex is a huge fan of photography, and it's also possible that the message hides the idea of an album as a snapshot of an artist at a specific moment in time, a reflection of what he is personally and artistically, here and now. Alex is enjoying a second youth; in this image we can see renewed freshness and vitality. On "Tiempo, Temperatura, Agitación" we have a collection of hits like we haven't had in years. It contains soul-pop rhythms, and luminous, pure, optimistic pop, before he steps on the distortion pedal. Did you say the Posies? Guided By Voices? Ten songs that will make the most steadfast hearts vibrate and surprise new fans with Cooper's absolute ability to excite. Limited edition of 600 copies.

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