• mal-one Never Mind the Punk 45 (7", £3.95)

    label: jamaican recordings

    RSD 2018 TITLE. London Artist MAL-ONE is releasing a limited edition 7’’ single to celebrate everything Punk and as a lead up to his PUNK Art show ‘Never Mind The Punk 45’ . The show features décollages of the debut singles of the leading names in PUNK, such as Adam and the Ants, The Clash and The Damned all the way to X-Ray Spex. It seemed only fitting to record a single that name checks some of the great record shops that sold these PUNK tunes in this fine city of ours for a Record Store Day release. Artist MAL-ONE emerged at an early age from the Punk scene in West London and now has successfully exhibited alongside such artists as Banksy, Goldie and Peter Blake amongst others. Inside the 7’’ sleeve which is made up of a collage of a 100 PUNK singles you will also find an invite to the exhibition in May in The Herrick Gallery, Piccadilly.

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