• acolytes Rupture (LP, £15.95)

    label: Alter

    Departing from the band based setup of previous releases, Acolytes continue their exploration of loop based paradigms with Rupture. The release expands upon the murky jarring patchwork aesthetic of the 2012 release, replacing brooding song structures with a more driving, visceral and relentless sound. Rupture encapsulates the paranoia and angst felt in an increasingly unrecognisable world. Liquified rhythms attempt to define an unmappable headspace typified by IO overload and wired hyperactivity, become mired in deep delays and sedate unease.While ostensibly computer music, tracks such as "feelings 2" deviate from the clinical "on the grid" sensibilities associated with the genre, where out of sync drums and synth lines in elliptic orbits take it to messier lo-fi territories with no defined sense of shape or tempo. Limited to 200 copies. Tracklisting 1:Untitled 2: MXE666 3: Rhetoric 2010 (Dub) 4: Aneurysm 5: Autocannibalism Loop 6: Feelings 2 7: Night Air

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