• trio hlk Standard Time (CD, £10.75)

    The debut album for Trio HLK is driven by a single artistic concept- to deconstruct classics tunes and drastically rework them using contemporary classical compositional techniques. The album's two special guests emphasise the drawing together of these two languages- Alto Saxophonist Steve Lehman, one of the most important artists in contemporary Jazz, and Evelyn Glennie, the world's leading classical percussionist. This conceptual vision permeates every aspect of the album, right down to the artwork. The cover depicts a deconstructed clock whose components reference elements of each track. The result is a fully realised stand-alone artwork. Tracklisting 1. Smalls 2. Extra Sensory Perception Part I 3. Extra Sensory Perception Part II 4. Pains Part I 5. Pains Part II 6. Twilt 7. Dux 8. Chewy 9. Stabvest 10. The Jig

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