• aiken Genetics Remixes (12", £10.50)

    Blawan’s remix is featured in Resident Advisor’s ‘New Tracks’: Blawan trades pyrotechnics for restraint and trippy sound design on this remix for Non Series. * Aiken’s recent contribution to Psyk’s Non Series gets remixed by talented UK producers Blawan, Volte-Face and James Ruskin. * Blawan's remix of 'Genetics' sets the tone with energetic rhythms and trippy sound textures, Volte-Face delivers a progressive and hypnotic version of 'Hybrid' and James Ruskin ends the release with his own intense yet funky interpretation of 'Dominance'. Tracklist: A1. Genetics (Blawan Remix) A2. Hybrid (Volte-Face Remix) B. Dominance (James Ruskin Remix). DJs “Blawan's is cheeky, Ruskin's is sick”. - Surgeon. “love the ruskin and blawan tracks”. – Cassegrain. “Blawan's Remix is a fucking anthem”. - Rivet.

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