• 107-34-8933 Numbers (LP, £24.50)

    label: Wah Wah

    A great reissue (500 copies) of totally mind frying, late '60s experimental electronic psychedelia, featuring the LA-based Nicolas Raicevic (1933-1994), a.k.a. 107-34-8933, a.k.a. Nik Pascal. Another moniker he went by was Head, which was the name that Buddah Records used when the label put out this record on a larger scale in 1970. The three tracks on the LP, all of which named after drugs, are accomplished works that make clear that Raicevic was one of the most interesting synth pioneers of the era. Fans of Silver Apples as well as the Berlin School (which would emerge several years later) will be interested. Early copies of the LP came with a sticker, warning the consumer not to play this album when stoned. Nevertheless, others suggest you should give it a try anyway. B.t.w., Raicevic can also be heard playing percussion on the '73 Rolling Stones album 'Goats Head Soup'.

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