• the glory boy mod radio showcase vol. 3  (CD, £9.95)

    label: detour

    If you are part of the In-Crowd then this is ESSENTIAL LISTENING! The legend that is known as Alan May and his ever-increasing and award-winning MOD RADIO show is gaining momentum like a runaway train going down a mountain and the brakes have failed! This volume highlights the latest crop of three-button heroes that are all taking up the gauntlet, but as per usual a couple of Mod stalwarts have been chucked in for good measure… Once again, we have representatives from England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Sweden and right across the pond in the USA. Sleeve notes by Simon Stebbing of the legendary Purple Hearts. FEATURES: The Purple Hearts - Head On Collision Time / The Threads - International Times / The Grey Skys - Fighter / Chordie - Scooter Boy / The Shadowland - Billy Sloan / The Five Faces - Dream In My Mind / Drums And Wires UK - All The Things / The Moot - More In My Life / Fanscene - French Poetry / Rollin' Machine - Pick Up The Pieces / Idle Talk - Between The Lines / Yellowstone - Sport Billy / Posted South - Move On Down / Proper - The Heroes Return / The Laissez Fairs - He's Your Replacement / Chris Casey Combo 66 - Spiritual Emergency / The Box Dwellers - I'm Off To See Mohammed / The Gallerys - Doctor Friend / Speakeasy - Trouble / Thee Strawberry Mynde - Try As I Might / Sons Of Morning - Hang Me / Friends Of Luca Brasi - Doves / The Killermeters - Walking Away

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