• holy now Think I Need the Light (LP, £15.95)

    Holy Now cherishes and renews an indie pop built around captivating melodies and heartbroken lyrics. Songs about an unwillingness to grow up and stay off. Timeless pop music with intimate melodies, yelling drums and sprawling choruses. Jangly fuzz pop where euphoria meets insomnia. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, the band (consisting of members Julia Olander, Ylva Holmdahl, Samuel Von Bahr and Hampus Eiderström Swahn), debuted in 2016 with the EP "Sorry I Messed Up". The follow up EP "Please Call Me Back" was released in 2017 and helped establish Holy Now as one of the more promising bands on the prosperous Swedish pop scene. Following the releases the band played at both festivals and clubs around Scandinavia and UK, earning them a reputation for their energetic and uplifting live show. In 2018 the band returned with the single "Feel It All" from their debut album "Think I Need The Light", released via Lazy Octopus Records & OK Tapes.

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