• laissez fairs Target On My Back (180g vinyl LP, £12.95)

    The Laissez Fairs: maximum mod psych from Las Vegas since 2014. John Fallon (from The Steppes) is in this exciting new band with studio addict, Joe Lawless. Think The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Bowie, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, T-Rex, The Monkees. Electric Acid Dandies for Neo-Edwardians throughout The Empire... invite them to your next SHINDIG! The Laissez Fairs refine their “Hard Jangle” sound with this, their second LP, co-produced by Harrison Clock and pressed by the new Birs Recordings label in NYC. Mastered by Scott Hull, hand-pressed on 180g vinyl, features exclusive tracks not available elsewhere. Download code included. “You’d be forgiven for mistaking almost any of the tracks for an unjustly forgotten 1960s psychedelic nugget.” - REBEAT Magazine. Tracks: Target On My Back / Ive Got You / Winter’s Dying / Mother Told Me / He’s Your Replacement / Bells Ring Out / Broken Man / Waiting For Tomorrow / Summer Comes / Nightbird

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