• apostle of solitude / rituals of the oak / flight of sleipnir 3-Way Split (LP, £13.75)

    This split presents three different kinds of Doom from three Eyes Like Snow bands. All three have their own unique style but the common denominator here is traditional Doom Metal. While Apostle of Solitude are perhaps the most "classic" Doom band on this release, with a strong 80s influence, Rituals of the Oak, like on their debut album, deliver a monumental piece of Epic Doom Metal with grandiose female vocals, and the Flight of Sleipnir offer two fantastic tracks of the killer Viking/Doom blend for which they are known. All songs on this split are brand new compositions and exclusive to this limited Digi CD & LP. It comes with another killer artwork by D.C. as the icing on this tasty cake. The vinyl version comes with heavy, UV-lacquered gatefold jacket, on black and purple vinyl and includes an A2 poster with exclusive artwork. Tracklist: 1. AOS - This Mania 2. ROTO - Hallward 3. TFOS - A Legacy Of Iron 4. AOS - Transgressions 5. TFOS - Draugr

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