• alex jungle Dance & Hover EP (12", £8.75)

    Anyone who bought the first Alex Jungle EP will already know that he is perhaps the finest new "old school" artist working today. Not only does his music have the authentic 1993-1995 sound, it also has a style of its own. Alex Jungle offers a unique blend of what made the old skool so classic, with tracks that contain more excitement per tune than most people have in their entire EP. This can be seen by the fact that his first EP sold out so swiftly despite being a virtually unknown artist at the time of its release! The Dance & Hover EP takes his style one step further, showcasing amazing piano work, a clever use of samples and offering to the hardcore world a unique talent. This is simply not to be missed. TRACK LIST: A1. Dance & Hover, A2. Believe In It, B1. Mutant Effect, B2. What Are You Made Of

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