• dusk The Pain of Loneliness (Goes On & On) (7", £6.50)

    label: Dirtnap Records

    Dusk was formed in 2014 by Amos Pitsch (bass guitar, vocals) and Colin Wilde (drums) as an informal recording project—mostly of obscure soul covers and country-rock indulgences—and later gained traction as members Julia Blair (described by Pitchfork Media as a “smooth country-soul alto”), Ryley Crowe (electric guitar, vocals) and Tyler Ditter (electric guitar, vocals) joined the fold at the onset of serious songwriting and recording. They recorded a series of demo recordings and later a two song single for Forward Records. They’ve toured America twice thus far: once doubling as the backing band for Tim Buchanan in Oklahoma City-based cosmic-cowboy punk band Cherry Death, and the other time doubling as an extended lineup of Pitsch’s other group, Wisconsin punk band Tenement.

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