• golden grass Absolutely (CD, £12.95)

    label: Listenable

    Theyíre a monstrous rock 'n' roll power trio with three lead singers and a dazzling classic touch. The group effortlessly draws their influence from the greatest musical ideas from when Rock Ruled The World; itís as if they truly ARE from that Golden era. But their gift to us in The Now, and it is an epic, soulful, and hard-hitting maelstrom of feel-good, anthemic and tough swinging sounds. When you listen to THE GOLDEN GRASS, itís no surprise feel as if youíre at The UFO Club, or watching Germanyís Beat Club or at the legendary Fillmore East because these boys transport you to that PLACE and TIME, earnestly, truthfully, and with a style and flare wholly their own. Itís all in there too; the throbbing shuffle of the Blues, the deep haze of wild Psychedelia, the American flavoured Southern Rock, the mind-warping fantasy of early Progressive/Jazz Rock, the pulsating British Freakbeat/Mod sound, heavy doses of Proto-metal power, and the funky/soulful touch of Northern Soul to seal the deal. Is this really possible ? Could a band really BE this? Well on their newest and most astonishing album, insistently titled "Absolutely", youíll be the one to find out! Go on now, drink from the Golden cup of life and bathe in sonic goodness. THE GOLDEN GRASS is playing your song.

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