• soft hearted scientists Take Time to Wonder In a Whirling World (LP + CD, £16.25)

    label: You Are the Cosmos

    For the first time on Vinyl (including CD!) this classic album of UK Folk‐Psychedelia. Originally released in 2007. One of the best Folk‐Psych albums of the 21st Century, true! The Soft Hearted Scientists' music is probably suitable  for most drug experiences, very powerful and psychedelic with a constant feeling of togetherness. There is a nice mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks drenched in folky sonics. They take the refreshing  route of pushing their psychedelic  rock influences into pop music.   “Any band who sings about caterpillars, the Brecon Beacons and monsters called Yongy Bongy Bo risk being so quirky they'd leave you reaching for a Misty's Big Adventure CD for respite. Yes the first album proper from these acoustic  folk oddballs  might suggest its makers bed down in a  Glasto tepee every night, tucked in by a woodland pixie, but to dismiss Cardiff's SHS as quirk over substance would be idiotic. Over Beta Band‐ish acoustics and cloudy chants, electro‐squiggles and instruments we couldn't even begin to name jiggle and hop, all neon highlighting the campfire brilliance of SHS's choruses. Yongy Bongy who?” Jamie Fullerton, NME, 2007. TRACK LISTING: Side A: 1. The A470 song 2. I Wanted You 3. Light Years to Nothing 4. Siberia 5. Meet Me At the Milky Way / Side B: 1. Rockford's Return 2. Eyes 3. I'll Be Happy, I'll Be Sleeping 4. Hawthorn 5. Drops In the Ocean. CD contains complete LP + The Caterpillar Song (9:48).

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