• john howard The Hidden Beauty 1973-1979 (LP, £16.25)

    label: You Are the Cosmos

    The Hidden Beauty 1973-1979 LP (+ MP3 Download Code) is a wonderful collection of demos, singles and outtakes which led up to and directly followed the release of John's debut album Kid In A Big World. If you like Kid In A Big World, you will love this album! Limited edition of 500 copies. "Small Town, Big Adventures, Suede's entire career in three minutes." The Guardian. TRACK LISTING: Side A: 1. 3 Years 2. Is This My Love 3. Staying At Home Kinda Guy 4. Don't Shine Your Light 5. Baby Go Now 6. Black Leather Lucy 7. No More Crying / Side B: 1. Small Town Big Adventures 2. Stay 3. The Business Side of Beauty 4. Comic Strip 5. Pearl Parade 6. Loving You

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