• death in june Live At the Edge of the World (CD + coloured vinyl 7", £25.95)

    For the first time on CD, presented in a 7" gatefold cover with a bonus blue/grey 7" vinyl. The CD includes the full setlist; the 7" includes the encores and the 'Melange' cut-up that was played as an intro to the concert (which was previously only available on the bonus CD of the first 100 copies of the initial 2013 2LP release). For this CD edition, the whole concert has been completely remixed and remastered from the original multitrack recording of the concert. It is a different mix than on the 2LP. TRACKS: 01. Till The Living Flesh Is Burned 02. Bring In The Night 03. Death Of A Man 04. Ku Ku Ku 05. Golden Wedding Of Sorrow 06. Hullo Angel 07. The Honour Of Silence 08. Peaceful Snow 09. We Said Destroy 10. He's Disabled 11. Fields Of Rape 12. Life Under Siege 13. Because Of Him 14. Leper Lord 15. Luther's Army 16. The Maverick Chamber 17. Kameradschaft 18. Hollows Of Devotion 19. Wolf Rose 20. Death Of The West 21. Giddy Giddy Carousel 22. All Pigs Must Die 23. Fall Apart 24. She Said Destroy 25. Little Black Angel 26. Rose Clouds Of Holocaust 27. Runes & Men 28. But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? 29. Heaven Street 30. C'est Un RÍve. 31. Encore 32. Melange

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