• kever Eon of Cycling Death (LP, £17.95)

    On the quest for new sunless horizons where obscurantism, centuplicated aggression and exacerbated brutality is all about when it comes to death metal, catchiness almost become a mortal sin or the most despicable treason ever imagined. But prior to the stigmatisation of the hooks on this genre we all kneel down before, when musicians were more focused on developing the style instead of reheating its basis (urging themselves for the most extreme of the extreme, just for the senseless sake of it), the creative process did not skipped to lay down memorable songs. That is something Kever is not ashamed nor worried about, but to compose tunes able to nail on the brain and stick on the memory since a very first listening, which only could be possible acting and moved by honesty and sincerity. Otherwise Eon of Cycling Death would not have resulted so spontaneous, so versatile and so recognisable. It's not only a bunch of good riffs thrown away, but a modulation of the whole possibilities that as a style, death metal offers to the artist: be it leads, arrangements, licks, vocal patterns or the way of recording the songs. It has been a long time ago since an easy-going release under the banner of death metal, was so accessible and enjoyable without being cheesy, wimpy or intentioned, in any way. Tracklisting: Side A: 1. Eon Of Cycling Death 2. Desolation Of Mankind Side B: 3. Under Dark Eclipse 4. Wrath Of The Ancients

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