• a story of sahel sounds: original soundtrack  (LP, £21.75)

    Second pressing. This music was recorded during the filming of the documentary, a story of Sahel Sounds between November 2013 and October 2014. The film provides an inside look at Christopher Kirkley's project Sahel Sounds, a blog, record label and platform to explore arts and music of the Sahel region through non-traditional ethnographic fieldwork. The film follows Chris from Portland to Niger, where he meets some of his long term collaborators as well as new artists. SIDE 1: 1. Talia Issouf - Imidiwan Agzatahi 2. Almouner Ayouba & Mohamed Yaseen - Takamba 3. Azna De L'Ader - Zabiya 4. Hama - Ataraghine 5. Fatou Seidi Ghali - Achabiba 6. Les Filles De Illighadad - Tende SIDE 2: 1. Mdou Moctar - Sibidoul 2. Etran De L'Ar - Mon Amour 3. Mdou Moctar - Chet Boghassa 4. Mammane Sanni Abdoulaye - Salamatu 5. Etran De L'Ar - Hadija 6. Talia Issouf - Tnr D'Assouf Igan

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