• left outsides The Shape of Things to Come (LP, £22.50)

    label: Cardinal Fuzz

    Originally released in 2015 on the Dawn Bird label on vinyl and on CD via Xemu, with the Vinyl edition being long out of print and hard to find. The Left Outsides, Mark Nicholas and Alison Cotton are a husband and wife duo based in London, England whose atmospheric, hypnotic songs echo Nico's icy European folk, pastoral psychedelia and chilly English fields at dawn. Thirteen tracks with a new direction but also a common thread that goes back to The Left Outsides haunted, fragile 2008 debut album, 'And Colours In Between', their live album of the same year, 'Live At The Drop Out', and their experimental soundtrack for Gus Alvarez's film 'Stand & Deliver' in 2009. The songs include modern-day murder ballads, '60s beat psychedelia and outsider folk, with music and lyrics inspired by memories, dreams and Gregorian chants.

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