• behemoth Messe Noire (140g vinyl double LP, £19.95)

    label: Nuclear Blast

    “’The Satanist’ is magic. It’s dangerous. It’s adventurous, and it’s organic,” states Nergal, the driving force behind BEHEMOTH since their inception in 1991, and brief exposure to the band’s (2014) tenth album more than supported this statement. While instantly recognisable as the work of the Polish blackened death quartet it took their sound in previously unimagined and riveting directions. A writhing, densely layered, brutally violent and sinister record, it is quite unlike anything ever unleashed within the canon of heavy music. As such it demands attention, still offering ever greater sonic and emotional depths with every listen. Lauded by Metal Hammer magazine as the “album of the year”, it also delivered the band’s first UK Top 60 chart debut. It has been a rocky road leading to the realisation of the album. Having dropped 2009’s ‘Evangelion’ to almost universal critical acclaim they saw it top the chart in their native country and dramatically expand their following around the world, and playing some of the best shows of their lives the band seemed truly unstoppable. But, in August 2010 Nergal was diagnosed with leukaemia, stopping them in their tracks. Forced to abandon their ongoing tour in support of ‘Evangelion’ Nergal was hospitalised, and both he and BEHEMOTH faced an uncertain future. With the search for a bone marrow donor ultimately successful, Nergal underwent a transplant, leaving the hospital after six months and beginning down the long road to rehabilitation. Having returned to full force the band were ready to once more move forward, and they began work on what would become ‘The Satanist’. While many bands might be concerned with how to follow up a record as devastatingly powerful - and successful - as ‘Evangelion’ Nergal faced no such doubts. The title of the record itself is undeniable in its power, and Nergal sees it as capturing the primal wisdom that the band have always tried to maintain. Such was its impact that the band soon took to playing the album in its entirety including the Bloodstock and Brutal Assault Festivals and their home capital city Warsaw. The latter two performances are captured on this live release. Twenty seven years and ten albums into their career, that BEHEMOTH is still in the ascendant is a statement to their commitment, determination and capacity for writing such powerful music. Track Listing: Disc 1: Side A: 1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel/2. Furor Divinus/3. Messe Noire/4. Ora Pro Nobis Luficer / Side B:1. Amen/2. The Satanist/3. Ben Sahar/4. In The Absence Ov Light / Disc 2: Side C: 1. O Father O Satan O Sun!/2. Ov Fire And The Void/3. Conquer All/4. Pure Evil And Hate / Side D:1. At The Left Hand Ov God/2. Slaves Shall Serve/3. Chant For Ezkaton 2000

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