• cavemen The Cavemen (CD, £10.75)

    label: Dirty Water Club

    Transplanted Kiwi London garage punk miscreants reissue their debut album plus two bonus tracks. Two weeks before they left the shores of their native New Zealand for the grimy cobblestones of London, garage-punk miscreants The Cavemen attempted a tour in support of their first album. What went down was equally chaotic as the 19 minutes of puerile degeneracy found distilled on their debut release. Youth halls were desecrated, now-defunct venues were soiled and an ill-fated final show in a graveyard was cancelled when the tour vans engine exploded and a passing motorist collided with bassist Nick Caveman. This first record is a funny, tuneful rampage of hedonistic juvenile delinquency, grave robbing fantasies and substance/self abuse-themed anarchy, from the opening blast of Mentally Ill to the climactic kiss-off Trash Talkin' Paint Huffin' Girl. The stand-out tunes include unconventional my girlfriend dumped for the leader of a Nazi biker gang anthem Rides With The Reich ("Gee I, don't wanna kiss ya, I'm in love with Adolf Hitler"), the shouty Motorhead-name checking alcoholic celebration of At The Pub ("I was born (at the pub), went to school (at the pub), fell in love (at the pub), had my kids (at the pub), had a beer (at the pub), had a fight (at the pub)") and manic mid-term meltdown School Sucks ("kill the teachers, burn the homework, smash the classroom"). There's pretty much a racket to suit every form of deviancy, from the sex, drugs and punk rock self-abasement of Rock N Roll Retard and Glass Breakfast frontman Paul Caveman giving good Lemmy on the latter to the necrophilia-based antics of chucklesome, worryingly catchy shock-rocker Fuck For Hate and Stand By Your Ghoul's ode to cadaver-based love. The whole record clocks in at under 30 minutes, making it the perfect rude 'n' crude warm-up music for any imminent crime spree. Tracks : A1 Mentally Ill A2 Fuck For Hate A3 Stand By Your Ghoul A4 Scumbag A5 Rides With The Reich A6 Rock 'n' Roll Retard B1 At The Pub B2 Fucked In The Head B3 Drink Drivin' B4 School Sucks B5 Crimes Tonight B6 Glass Breakfast B7 Trash Talkin' Paint Huffin' Girl B8 Juvenile Delinquent B9 Swamp Thing

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