• tom ellis The Colour Red EP (double 12", £19.95)

    No doubt Tom Ellis has been one of our favourite producers for over 12 years. Sharing music with him is always a blast whether it's at a party, a festival or getting a hand on its latest tracks. This double EP gets you in a particular mood. Through these 8 tracks Tom shares an intimate experience and brilliantly merges house, jazz, minimal techno, plus a touch of acid and ambient. Experience deep and mindful music you only get a chance to enjoy once in a while. Tracklist: A1. Divide In Two (ISRC: GBLWU1700150) A2. Virgo (ISRC: GBLWU1700151) B1. We All Had Legs (ISRC: GBLWU1700152) B2. Wont Be Long (ISRC: GBLWU1700153) C1. Not Any More (ISRC: GBLWU1700154) C2. Shufflers (ISRC: GBLWU1700155) D1. By The Rhythms (ISRC: GBLWU1700156) D2. The Colour Red (ISRC: GBLWU1700157)

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