• babylon berlin (music from the original tv series)  (3 LP + 2 CD set, £35.95)

    THE INGENIOUS SOUNDTRACK OF THE OUTSTANDING AND HIGHLY ACCLAIMED TV. Following the great success of the series, the triple gatefold vinyl follows in a high-quality physical package. The soundtrack works as an impressive musical accompaniment to the striking pictures of the series. While scores commonly evoke emotions, this series' score is pre-eminently an accentual element of the series' perception and the sonic reflection of the sensual delight that is "BABYLON BERLIN“. The score's composers are renowned German movie-director Tom Tykwer, one of the series's three directors, and Los Angeles-based Johnny Klimek. The two music buffs had previously created the award-winning and highly acclaimed soundtracks for "Run Lola Run“ and "Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer“. Symphonic subtleties are towering up, becoming gloomy-menacing sonic entities, before they're being taken on a journey to the amusement-elated Berlin in the year 1929 by Klezmer-esque clarinets. It's a city where instability becomes a creeping part of existence which performs a socio-political tug-of-war with Berlin's ubiquitous hedonism at that time. Performed by the Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra and New York's electro-acoustic chamber-band Absolute Ensemble, "BABYLON BERLIN“'s score is a sensual enjoyment, concurrently challenging and emotionally intense. The second part features songs used for various of the series' scenes. The compilation starts with a song accompanying a key scene in the series: Stage heroine Nikoros, personated by singer Severija, enters the bandstand of Moka Efti, a dance club, to sing "Zu Asche, zu Staub“, the soundtrack's lead-single. The androgynous character in tail-coat with a moustache, accentuating feminine curves, combines past and present as a trailblazer for Lady Gaga surrounded by an air of Marlene Dietrich. Chanson, the classic Lied-form of Weimar Republic and pop merge into an ecstatic soundtrack, combining songs by the Bryan Ferry Orchestra, Nikko Weidemann & Mario Kamien and German Chansonnier Tim Fischer. Having produced approximately 38 million Euros in expenses, "BABYLON BERLIN“ is the hitherto costliest German TV-series. The 16-episode series started with great success in October 2017, with licences bought by most European countries and North America.

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