• necrophobic Mark of the Necrogram (LP, £17.95)

    Written over many black moons in 2017, Mark of the Necrogram finds Necrophobic lancing the wounds of Womb of Lilithu for a darker, more incisive sound. Sterner likens it a restoration of the Death to All sound with more grotesque twists and monstrous turns. In fact, the long-standing pounder pontificates that it’s Necrophobic’s most dynamic and varied offering to date. Songs like ‘Odium Caecum,’ ‘From the Great Above to the Great Below,’ ‘Requiem for a Dying Sun,’ and ‘Pesta’—a song that introduced the Stockholmites to their new label, Century Media—demonstrate Necrophobic not lost their touch. Rather, the Swedes have widened their spheres of influence.

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