• nervus Everything Dies (CD, £7.25)

    label: Big Scary Monsters

    When Em Foster, songwriter-in-chief for Watford-based rock band Nervus, began to write songs in her bedroom, she did so purely as a means of personal catharsis, a way to exorcise her demons through rapturous melodies. Following up on the critically acclaimed debut 'Permanant Rainbow', Everything Dies deals with exterior forces and how they play on the mind of someone dealing with gender dysphoria. Like all great second albums, it expands the band's horizons without compromising on their original ideals. Far more direct than its predecessor, with a confrontational edge, Emís vulnerability turns to anger at a 21st century society still unwilling to accept that gender isn't simply defined within two restrictive parameters. In June 2017, Nervus co-headlined an 10-date DIY UK tour with Riot Grrrl fuzz rock duo Kamikaze Girls as well as garnering much coveted slots at Manchester Punk Festival and Brighton's Washed Out Festival.

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