• letís dance records - mike macharello & duane thamm jr. chicago 1983-85  (CD, £9.95)

    The origin of house music, at least in a commercial sense, is generally associated with young African American producers from Chicagoís South Side, but one of the first Chicago house music labels was started by a young, white, gay DJ from the far west suburbs. The Letís Dance story will take you back to the beginnings of Mike Macherello and Duane Thamm Jr. when Chicagoís house music was in its infancy. Back then, after starting as young roller disco Dj in the late seventies, Mike Macherello gradually made its way to the best radio station in 1981 - WBMX - and started a movement that still ripples through the city today. Letís Danceís founder, Mike Macharello, was a DJ who bridged diverse music scenes, from rock clubs to discos. The Letís Dance record label helped establish Chicagoís dance music industry between 1983 and 1985, before becoming Play House Records (which will be reissued by Still Music in an upcoming set). Macharelloís pal, DJ Duane Thamm Jr., also from the íburbs, became the labelís main producer and one of house musicís most important studio engineers and producers. Mike and Duane went on to release a few legendary singles for Letís Dance that are still to this day considered to be the earliest House music records coming from Chicago. TRACKLISTING: 1. Knight Action Featuring Sedenia - Single Girl (Vocal) 2. Duane Thamm Jr. - Jump Trax (125 BPM's To 107 BPM's) 3. Duane Thamm Jr. - Jump Trax (111 BPM's To 125 BPM's) 4. Knight Action - R-TRAX SPECIAL MIX 5. Knight Action - D-RAIL SPECIAL MIX 6. Knight Action Featuring Sedenia - Single Girl Instrumental 7. Mike Tomaselli - Crazy Or Not Instrumental 8. Belinda Hoover - I Like That In You (Dub Version) 9. Joey O And Out Of Control - Nobody (Club Mix) Remix Mike Macharello 10. Mike Tomaselli - Crazy Or Not Virgin 11. Knight Action Featuring Sedenia - R-Trax / D-Rail / Single Dance Mix

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