• green Symphonic Floyd (double CD, £12.25)

    "Atom Heart Mother" and some more by PINK FLOYD in an outstanding symphonic style! After having performed several sold out concerts with the philharmonic orchesterhagen, the philharmonic chorhagen and the kinderchor, the German band project GREEN (with members of GROBSCHNITT, FAITHFUL BREATH and EXTRABREIT) received many requests for a live recording of this extraordinary event. Since they’ve also been overwhelmed by the reaction of the audience and the unique atmosphere, the band finally tried to catch the special live feeling of these concerts on CD. The idea of playing the music of Pink Floyd in a symphonic style has been on their minds for a long time. Especially the live performance of the outstanding "Atom Heart Mother" - a composition that is only playable with orchestra and choir - held a particular fascination. Arranging the songs for band and orchestra took nearly a whole year. Luckily, GREEN worked together with Andres Reukauf, an excellent and experienced arranger who was on the same wavelength as the band. Additionally, there were the orchestra and choirs who were able to implement and adapt all ideas. However, Green has never been a band that tries to sound like the original. When they play songs by other artists, they always do it in their own unique way. Therefore, you won´t hear a double of Pink Floyd but a band that, together with an orchestra, tries to adapt these great Pink Floyd compositions in its own way.

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