• the casting out The Casting Out EP (blue vinyl LP, £16.75)

    After thirteen years and endless touring the US post-hardcore legends BOYSETSFIRE announce their break up. Shortly after the last show singer NATHAN GRAY begins to write songs at home on his acoustic guitar, planning to release those stripped down anthems as his debut solo acoustic record. When its time to enter the studio he is getting cold feet and decides he is just not ready yet and begins to assemble a bunch of friends: Within weeks Darby DiNatale (keyboards/vocals) and Boysetsfire Roadie and later bass player Chris Rakus join him to form THE CASTING OUT. Somehow Gray even manages to convince his old bandmate Joshua Latshaw to play guitar in the studio where THE CASTING OUT (now a full band!) record their first 8 song demo. After years of focusing on politics in his songs Gray decides that THE CASTING OUT is supposed to be fun - on and off stage. Instead of singing about workers rights and revolution he now focuses on his personal struggles and turbulent love life. Musically the eight song demo is the perfect combination of Gray's original acoustic ideas, the melancholic emocore of his heroes SAMIAM and the keyboard driven powerpop of the later GET UP KIDS. Three years, two full lengths and several successful European tours later THE CASTING OUT finally call it quits when Gray's old band BOYSETSFIRE decide to reunite in 2010. What's left is a cult following that especially loves the lighthearted eight song demo that now finally gets a proper re-release through END HITS RECORDS. "This EP was actually my first attempt at “going solo". At the time, I had a seemingly endless catalogue of acoustic songs I had been writing at home by myself, and the overwhelming need to put them into the world. I thought I would just jump in a do it all on my own, but little by little, I started adding other pieces and parts, and The Casting Out came to be. 10 years later, and now is my time. In celebration of the recording of my first true solo album, End Hits Records and I are bringing you a special re-release of “The Casting Out”. Thank you for taking this journey with me." - Nathan Gray. Tracklist: 01. Quixotes Last Ride 02. Your Last Novelty 03. This Bar Is A Shooting Gallery 04. The Upper Hand 05. Awkward As We Came 06. For Tonight 07. Alone 08. Prey. Limited pressing of 500 copies w/download code!

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