• cornell campbell Boxing (CD, £10.50)

    What we have here is one of Cornell Campbell’s great Dancehall early 80’s set of song. Dancehall was when the beat slowed down to that classic one drop style that suited his voice so well. The album includes the title track ‘Boxing’ which was a massive hit for Cornell on its initial release in 1982. It also includes a Dancehall reworking of ‘Queen of the Minstrel’ and a fantastic dancehall cut to Bob Marley’s ‘Natty Dread’. This was a new chapter in Reggae’s sound that saw the rhythm slowed down and seemed to add even more emphasis to the songs meanings. A reissue of Cornell’s early 80’s ‘Boxing’ set is complete here. We have also added some other Cornell period classics to the CD version of this release. Be sure to play it in full… Cornell Campbell at his finest.

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