• hey colossus RRR (double LP, £18.95)

    label: riot season

    RRR was Hey Colossusís seventh album, originally released back in 2011 by Riot Season on CD and ridiculously limited LP. This reissue has the original LP plus it comes with a bonus LP containing different takes and versions and a cut that didn't make the first press. It is housed in a single 350gsm fat spined printed sleeve with insert and download code. * The band had a weekend booked in at The Dropout Studio, Camberwell, the winter of 2010. They were going to do 'some recording'. The Friday of the weekend the six piece played a show at The Windmill in Brixton, home to the roof dog. The show was a typical (of the time) debauched affair, in the post show glow the band asked Jon (Notorious Hi-Fi Killers) and Leon (Shit+Shine) to come down to the session the following day: BRING GUITARS, WHAT CAN GO WRONG?. By noon they hadn't shown up so they got called: WHERE ARE YOU? Neither believed the offer to be true, by 1pm they showed up with guitar + synth in tow. An hour later RRR was being recorded by the now 8 piece band, lights down, volume up. Over 48 hours it was done. Not a single idea was brought to the table but somehow it all fell into place, assuming you think 'falling into place' sums up RRR (it totally does). * Legendary reviewing man, Peter Kemp (RIP), had this to say: "The record starts off with slow guitars and screaming ghostly voices like from a horror film, this first track ends with some talking and then goes into the next song which sounds like they are swinging the guitars around their heads and banging them on the floor....there are dark voices screaming ARRRRRRRRGGGHHHHH ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH ....The next song does sound a bit more Spanish as it starts with a guitar which sounds like a Spanish church bell and a deep voice which sounds like somebody praying and another voice which sounds like somebody dying....The closing song is faster and has talking in it and what sounds like a priest in the background and then lots of loud guitars come in - it is a good way to finish the record. Overall I think this was very good record by a brilliant band and I would give it ten out of ten." * The original vinyl sleeves were all hand-painted in Somerset by an artist called Chav, they took three months to do with each one being totally unique. The gatefold sleeves, all the inners were incredible works of art. The front and back were stencilled. The paint was blagged from a car spray paint firm, they sent three pallets to get the job done. A begging letter was sent to them and it fell onto some welcoming ears. Christ knows how it all came together. These copies are almost impossible to come by, rarely appearing anywhere. They sold out instantly. * Tracklist: A1. Teased From The Nest (5:02) A2. The Drang (4:32) A3. RRR (2:58) A4. Rotated For Success (8:24) B1. Almeria, Spain (5:35) B2. Warmer The Belter (8:10) B3. I Am Bunga Bunga (5:19) C1. Teased From The Nest (Alt Version) (6:14) C2. Under And Under (3:41) C3. Rotated For Success (Alt Version) (8:46) D1. RRR (Alt Version) (4:11) D2. I Am Bunga Bunga (Italo Version) (5:25) D3. Warmer The Belter (New Born) (6:53) D4. Teased From The Nest (Alt Version) (5:13). Limited edition 400 only housed in a 350gsm printed sleeve wide spined sleeve with insert and download code.

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