• hipsway Hipsway (double CD, £12.95)

    Hipsway were a Scottish pop band who enjoyed international success with their hit single ‘The Honeythief’. The band was formed in Glasgow in 1984 by ex-Altered Images guitarist Johnny McElhone on bass, with front man Grahame Skinner (vocals), Pim Jones (guitar) and Harry Travers (drums). Their music was characterized by Skinner's deep voice and Jones' guitar playing.  They were signed by Mercury/Phonogram and released their debut single ‘The Broken Years’ in June 1985, which peaked at #72. ‘Ask The Lord’ followed in August and also peaked at #72. It took the release of ‘The Honeythief’ in February 1986 to break the band on a national level, when the single made #17 and became one of the most memorable hits of the era.  Their debut album HIPSWAY (produced by Paul Staveley O’Duffy and Gary Langan) followed in April and peaked at #42, but stayed on the album chart for an impressive 23 weeks, last appearing there in June 1987. The album track, ‘Tinder’, became well known in Scotland as the soundtrack to a McEwan's Lager TV commercial. Its constant exposure helped keep the album a strong seller in their home country.  A new version of ‘Ask The Lord’ was issued and made #50, and the album’s final single ‘Long White Car’ reached #55. Some months later, ‘The Honeythief’ began its ascent of the US Hot 100, peaking at #19, sending the album to #55. ‘The Honeythief’ also charted in Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Canada and New Zealand.  Hot Shot Records is proud to present the first ever 2CD deluxe edition of HIPSWAY, newly remastered with sixteen bonus tracks and presented in a super-jewel case complete with liner notes written by Grahame Skinner, who coproduced the reissue. The deluxe 30th anniversary edition of HIPSWAY is a must for all eighties Pop, Rock and Dance fans.

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