• flyers You're My Lady (CD, £12.75)

    From the nasty opening keyboard riff on “Discomotion”, to the flawless yacht rock/ballad of “My Lady” to the rudimentary drum programming on “Mainline is Sunshine”, this album is chock full of perfectly executed disco-funk breaks and segues that belie its West Berlin origin. Not sounding unlike the Whatnauts' or Norman Connors’ late 1970’s/boogie output at points, or a less-produced Rhythm Heritage for their technical prowess in a relatively raw context. Originally released on CIP Filmproduktions, a label more associated with film than music releases, the band is so tight it sounds as if they’d been culled from some library music session crew. The band’s leader L. H. Tempelhagen and singer The Black Magic Lady have fallen into obscurity since this remarkable one-off release. First time on CD. 1. Discomotion 2. Need Your Lovin’ Eyes 3. My Lady 4. Get On Movin’ 5. Lonely Nights 6. Mainline Is Sunshine 7. Stand By Man

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