• buckley Las Cruces (CD, £8.95)

    “Crazy Horse by way of Parsons and Sahm.” - Laurie Gallardo, KUTX // Born a Northerner with a Texas soul, and slinging a guitar with a snarl under his Cowboy hat, Singer-songwriter Buckley is standing front and centre with his latest release ‘Las Cruces’. It’s a fitting title for a man at continual crossroads. Inspired by the boundless sky hanging over the desert on his nighttime drives during a recent tour in the southwest, his sonic brush is a bit heavier and the mood a little darker this go-around. After fronting the critically acclaimed alt-country band the Gilded Splinters, Buckley moved from Boston to Austin in 2011. Ranging from rough to raw to rueful, Buckley’s sound caught ears and landed him residencies at the White Horse, Blackheart, Hotel Vegas, and Hole in the Wall, gigs at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe, and airplay from KUT to the UK. Recorded at Shine Studios in Austin TX, ‘Las Cruces’ is an album surrounded by a wall of lush guitars, finger poppin’ harmonies, steel pedal twang, a bit of alt-country, soul, and roots rock n’ roll. Reverb and feedback fill the air off stacks of amplifiers, boot stomping anthems, and longing dreamy melodies. Finding its footing knee deep in Neil Young, Whiskeytown and The Flying Burrito Brothers, ‘Las Cruces’ is an album at the crossroads of one’s soul. Hitting the ground running with radio driven, alt-country tunes like “Bakersfield”, “Conseula”, “Clawson Hill”, “Perfect Storm”, and lead single “Three Chiefs”, Buckley has found his home. With 6 years in Austin behind him, and a little of that black-star twilight in his pocket, Buckley is making his way West, East, and all points in between. Bakersfield Tracks: Old Glory, Devil Slide, Las Cruces, Consuela, Three Chiefs, Downtown, Clawson Hill, Perfect Storm

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