• soft regime Hard Feelings (numbered 8-track 10", £14.25)

    label: elefant

    Surrender to the Soft Regime - a pan-European group of musicians intent on exploring the glorious electronic pop sounds that pump through their hearts and grease their gears. Christian makes the music and production, Tim (previously leader of electropop band Baxendale) writes the words and melodies, and Astrid sings the songs, bringing it all together. Astrid first met Christian in the Bavarian Forest, soon switching the conversation from flora to pop, discovering a shared love for dancing, and recruited Tim to join forces to help things take shape. This Mini-LP follows their continental disco hit from 2017 "Michelangelo", with its huge chorus and controversial banned video. As you'd expect, they have yet another explosive Europop cocktail on their hands: think Lio, Icerink Records, Girls At Our Best, La Bionda, Mikado, La Casa Azul, Kim Wilde, only different. Limited edition of 500 copies, plus download.

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