• ibon errazkin Foto Aerea (numbered LP, £17.50)

    label: elefant

    Ibon Errazkin has impeccable credentials as a musician (AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN, LE MANS, SINGLE, his solo work, and so much more) and as a producer (Carlos Berlanga, NOSOTRÄSH, CORAZÓN, ANA D...). Each step in his career has been personal, distinctive, always pushing the category of music as art, and questioning the value of the word "art" itself. Melody is king here, roaming freely through the various songs on the album, transforming, appearing and disappearing. His band-mate from SINGLE, Teresa Iturrioz, named all the songs and lent her voice to "El Objeto" and "Paradox" (two closely related songs). Damon Krukowski of GALAXIE 500 and DAMON & NAOMI says: "This album reminds me of poetry, rather than theatre; it's less a performance than a construction. There's a famous American poem called, "Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird" - stanzas in which a blackbird keeps appearing, but always in a slightly different manner and for a slightly different reason. Ibon Errazkin's elegant guitar lines are like that bird, melodies that return but never exactly repeat. They alight, pausing long enough for us to recognise them, and then move on again. The effect is cubist; refracted; abstract, yet made out of recognisable elements." Limited edition of 300 copies, plus download.

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