• atlas moth Coma Noir (splatter vinyl LP, £18.75)

    label: prosthetic

    Throughout the bandís career, The Atlas Moth, has evolved and expanded its sound, never remaining stagnant and always throwing the er a curveball. The results have continually been met with critical praise from writers, band members and fans alike. Coma Noir marks a few firsts for the band; itís the first release for LA indie metal label, Prosthetic Records, itís the first to feature Mike Miczik (Broken Hope) on drums and itís the first time the band worked with an outside producer. On previous releases, the bandís guitarist/vocalist, Andrew Ragin handled production duties. This time around, longtime friend, Sanford Parker (Eyehategod, Voivod) stepped in to steer the ship. An outside voice, one that the band was comfortable with, was key to channelling all the different elements the band brings to the table and keeping everything cohesive and concise. The result has fashioned The Atlas Mothís finest album to date. While 2014ís The Old Believer, saw the band gaze off into psychedelic realms throughout the album, Coma Noir is packed tightly with riffs and hooks. Itís the band's most rocking album by far, though itís far from being a rock album. Limited Clear / Black Splatter Vinyl.

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