• hotel books Equivalency (violet vinyl double LP, £17.25)

    label: Hassle

    Hailing from Porterville, CA, Hotel Books revolves around the spoken-word poetry and lyricism of Cam Smith. Delivering intense, cathartic words over ambient musical soundscapes tinged with indie rock and post-hardcore. Smith uses his high octane vocal delivery as a platform for stories of pain, struggle, and the overall triumph he has found in faith and Love. Smith uses Hotel Books as a vessel to deliver his personal story, collaborating with stellar musicians to bring his words to musical life. Tracklisting: 

Disc 1 
1. From Porterville
 2. Van Nuys
 3. Violent Smile
 4. Celebration 
5. Fears We Create (Ft. Chase Huglin)

 / Disc 2 
1. I Knew Better, But Did Nothing
 2. Take Very Little (Ft. Chris Bernstorf)
 3. Where I Am 
4. I'm Almost Happy Here
 5. Will Love

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