• asking alexandria Asking Alexandria (red vinyl double LP, £18.95)

    label: Sumerian

    Rock is dead? That’s fake news. York, North Yorkshire’s ASKING ALEXANDRIA is all the evidence we need. Alive with vibrant potency and empowering authenticity, they stand in joyous defiance of the tired cynicism that would declare the death of rock. ASKING ALEXANDRIA is back with their self-titled fifth and most incendiary album, on which original vocalist Danny Worsnop returns. Every bit of history, swagger and tumult is brilliantly mined to full throttle extent on the band’s most ambitious album yet. The record boils with the unique combustible chemistry all five of them share. By the same turn, it is tangibly shot through with newfound freedom, camaraderie and revelry. Track Listing   1.  Alone In A Room     2.  Into The Fire     3.  Hopelessly Hopeful     4.  Where Did It Go?     5.  Rise Up     6.  When The Lights Come On     7.  Under Denver     8.  Vultures     9.  Eve     10.  I Am One     11.  Empire (feat. Bingx)     12.  Room 138     13.  Into The Fire (Radio Edit)

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