• tom arthurs trio One Year (180g vinyl LP, £18.75)

    BBC New Generation Artist and trumpet player Tom Arthurs's new trio. An intensely quiet trip inspired by Tarkovsky movies, Feldman’s long works and essentialist jazz. It sees Arthurs expand his long-time duo with pianist Richard Fairhurst to a trio with the inclusion of Finnish percussionist Markku Ounaskari. Fragile and deep, mysterious and nocturnal, romantic and entrancing. There was a striking, yet entirely coincidental proximity between these new tunes and the folk pieces Ounaskari had earlier recorded with his Kuára-trio on ECM. For ‘One Year’ Arthurs kept reshaping the scores, from changing comparatively minor details to turning entire arrangements upside down. Since the bulk of the original material comprised of fragments, he was able to shift sections from one piece to the next in search of their ideal position. The inspiration had come from film: “I was deeply impressed by how Tarkovsky edited his masterpiece ‘Mirror’. He had no story, no plan, no storyboard. He just shot a lot of material and then, for two years, he had these clothes lines in his house and was putting together the scene into different forms until he had the movie.” Limited edition audiophile vinyl, gatefold sleeve, pure analogue sound, high-end vinyl mastering. Download code includes a bonus track. Tracks: Evergreens / Pyörähdellen / Verklöstert / Liepnitz In Ruhe / One Year / Song

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