• project pitchfork Akkretion (digipak CD, £15.95)

    Before the releases of Fragment and Elysium, Akkretion provides an overture to this PROJECT PITCHFORK trilogy, taking us deep into endless space, between the voids in the stars. Out there, where suns are born only to die, where time and space are not yet a reality, Akkretion carves a fertile space. Itís a cosmic electronic opus of epic scale, as weightless as outer space, as fascinating as its celestial wonders, and as darkly shimmering as the infinite night. With skill and prowess, Spilles weaves epic sound galaxies that encompass both the glimmer of distant stars and the pulse of spiral nebulas. Endless and alien, yet full of human warmth, empathy and compassion. Where macrocosm and microcosm unite, Akkretion unfolds. This album isnít just an auditory experience but a physical oneóa feat that is among the trilogyís biggest strengths. Itís a mesmerising experience with cinematic scope, futuristic soundscapes, and aggressive muscle. TRACKLIST 1.Akkretion 2.Good Night Death 3.Gravity Waves 4.The Collision 5.And The Sun Was Blue 6.Crossfire 7.Circulation 8.Ascension 9.The New Day 10.Good, You Are Distant

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