• prince rahdeaz The Hunger EP (6-track CD, £6.25)

    "I am a lyricist, a street poet, a political spokesman, an artist, an ambassador for the true art form of real boom bap rap music. I am here to uphold heart felt rap music for everyone of all walks of life especially the thinkers. The above statement means that my talent that I have is beyond rap music it's a way of life and the legacy has yet to be told and shared amongst the people. I consider myself to be a true lyricist that has grown and matured over the years, carefully crafting and perfecting a unique style and sound. I fell in love with music in my early childhood as a means of expression and now I have grown to use my talents my inner most feelings, struggles, pain and emotions. I first started rapping productively in my late teens and making beats on the dark gritty streets of south London, the microphone was an apparatus to express my inner most thoughts, and to get issues of my chest, it was now or never..." TRACKLIST 1. The Hunger (Intro) 2. Raise Ya Right Fist 3. Make It Happen 4. All Is Well 5. Shalom 6. Shalom (Outro)

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