• holophonics Fast Forward (CD, £10.95)

    Power and melody, this is the Holophonics equation. The band performs a striking and ethereal rock metal, with efficient songs, easy to get hold of but elaborate. In twelve years, they hit the road, sharing stage with Papa Roach, Therapy?, Triggerfinger, Koritni, Electric Mary, The Stranglers, Shakra... After two albums and a live DVD, they decided to get back in the studio to record and share their life experiences. The new born, “Fast Forward“ deals indifferently with end of life, disease, growing tensions around the world or paranoia... If the sound of former LPs was clearly metal tinted, “Fast Forward“ seems to sound more in an organic way, without disowning the powerful riffing of the band debut… Produced by Sebastien Langle, “Fast Forward“ is composed of eleven songs, all written by Ludo (bass) and Stef (vox), lyrics by Mike (drums), arranged by the whole band (including guitarists Yann and Greg).

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