• hal peters and his trio Crazy Mixed Up Blues (LP, £17.50)

    Hal Peters and his Trio, founded in 1984 as Hal Peters Trio, have their focus on authentic rockabilly music. Their repertoire includes both self-penned material and carefully chosen covers from the songbook of rockabilly legends such as Sid King, George "Thumper" Jones, Carl Perkins and Mac Curtis. The band became popular pretty fast and is today an established and highly acclaimed act within the European rockabilly circuit. Their debut album "Snatch It And Grab It" was released in 1986, and soon after gained wider exposure and distribution after having been released by the Dutch rockabilly specialist label Rockhouse Records. More albums and singles followed and somewhere down the road, after adding a drummer, the band became a quartet. Many gigs in Europe and the U.S.A. followed and Hal Peters and His Trio also backed 1950's legends Ray Campi, Joe Clay, Curtis Gordon, Mac Curtis and Hayden Thompson and the Swedish Hank Edwards. In the late 1980's the band expanded to a six-piece combo, leaning more towards western swing and performing as Hal Peters & His Countrymen. After a while they changed their name again, this time to Hal Peters & His String Dusters. Now back in the four-piece line-up Hal Peters and His Trio release their new album on Bluelight Records. Titled as "Crazy Mixed Up Blues", the album showcases the band's deep knowledge of the musical genre they're devoted to.

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