• graham fellows Weird Town (CD, £10.95)

    GRAHAM FELLOWS is best known for his two comic character creations – JILTED JOHN and JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH. Between the 2 Johns, Graham produced a finely crafted indie pop LP “Love At The Hacienda” in 1985. Now, a mere 33 years later, he releases his second solo album “Weird Town” – a collection of Graham’s thoughtful, funny and wise ditties, as you would expect from the man who wrote, according to The Independent “the finest lyrics known to man”. The release of “Weird Town” also coincides with Graham’s first ever solo tour, cleverly entitled “Completely Out Of Character”. TRACKLIST 1. DIARY OF A SKINBIRD 2. (SHE WAS HELD TOGETHER BY) CIGARETTE SMOKE 3. HUM OF THE FRIDGE 4. MARK RYLANCE WAS MY LODGER 5. CAR THAT MAKES A BUS SOUND 6. SMALL MARKET TOWN 7. HOLE IN MY EMPTY DAY 8. A NIGHT IN BEVERLEY 9. WHAT LIES BEHIND THE SOFA? 10. THE MAN WHO SITS IN A CHAIR 11. CHILDREN’S SHOES 12. I HAD AN EGG WITH MY SON 13. WEIRD TOWN

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