• violent years I Blame You and You Blame Me (LP, £15.95)

    The Violent Years from Mandal (the southermost tip of Norway) already presented at the Quart Festival (Kristiansand, Norway) 2005 its illusionless Americana bottled on Nick Cave and early Sixteen Horsepower when they warmed up for Magnolia Electric Co. Three years later, they released an EP and this was followed by the long-term "Trying To Get Over" long-term player in 2012. Said of the band then: "The band moves within the framework of what we call American-inspired rock; Americana. The classic and top level at home in Norway at that style are still owned by the Midnight Choir and their amazing album, "Amsterdam Stranded ". Here is the plate that can tilt it down to second place"! Six years later, Apollon Records has picked up the band's unique mix of traditional singer/songwriting and melancholic dream pop and releases the second album "Blame You and You Blame Me" on February 9, 2018. Here they move back a little more to the 80ís and the band delivers a compelling album No. 2 that will probably give them a lot of new fans! TRACKLIST 1. I Blame You And You Blame Me 2. Founhtain Of Youth 3. Canít See The River 4. Terror & Denial 5. Cocoon Spinner 6. Loosers Of Oaksville 7. Flight And Recoil (cd and digital only) 8. Into The Fire 9. Paris 10.Adam You Failed 11.Southern Pear

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